Debian Project Leader 2024 Election

A text only version is also available.

Ballots Received MIME Decoded Passed Sig Check Passed LDAP Check Votes Tallied Rejects Sent
458 456 417 417 369 89
Acks Created Acks Sent Acks Unsent Bad Ballot Unique Voters
369 367 2 48 362
Graph of the
		rate at which the votes are received
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A tally sheet is available. While the voting is still open the tally is a dummy one; after the vote, the final tally sheet will be put in place. Please note that for secret ballots the HMAC on the dummy tally sheet is randomly generated, as otherwise the dummy tally sheet would leak information relating the HMAC and the voter. Additionally, the results will be updated after the polls close.
Graph of the
		  standings of the candidates

Please note that the ballots are received asynchronously, and the vote scripts are run just past the top of the hour. The statistics here were gathered later, so there will often be a discrepancy between ballots received and the responses sent (namely, ballots received since the vote processing scripts were last run). Most of the cases, where the acknowledgements were generated, but were not sent, are due to the ballots being signed with an expired key. Such ballots are counted, but no ack is sent, since GPG balks at encrypting to an expired key, and I tend to agree. Most of the bad ballots are due to the presence of a non printing character (usually one that displays as a space) in the ballot that confuses the parser.

The Debian Project Secretary

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